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Managerial and specialist recruitment

Are you looking for a recruitment partner who understands your industry and has the ability to recruit experienced and hard-to-recruit talent? You have come to the right place!

Our offer

In our segments, the best and most experienced candidates are usually already employed, with good benefits and challenging tasks. They rarely look for new jobs through advertising and do not proactively contact our clients, often turning to their networks when they feel it is time to move on. Since Avancos was founded in 2001, we’ve helped clients recruit key personnel who take their teams and organizations to the next level.

The basis of our recruitment work is:

  • Proactivity where we personally contact candidates, seek their trust, seek to understand their situation and explore in depth, if and how our client’s position can benefit them.
  • Process & Systems that ensure quality, predictability and outcomes. Most of our clients are experts in project management, and we want to be too. Our processes have clear milestones, and candidate and client interviews are planned from the start.
  • Industry knowledge that allows us to challenge the perspective of hiring managers and candidates, and act as a sounding board in the process.
  • Networks and sourcing expertise that allow us to identify candidates that our clients do not reach through their traditional channels.
  • Our core values that give us a long-term perspective and an identity.

Our process

1. Start-up meeting and
requirement profile

We thoroughly review the role, the structure of the company or department and the mandate that the position entails.

Often the type of project, the leadership of the line manager or the experience of the people in the team can be decisive in attracting the right candidates.

If we have worked in similar roles in the past, we review the possible benchmark candidates we have in our network. We make sure to set a timeline for the project already at the requirement profile meeting to create clarity and set the right expectations from the start.

After the meeting, we send you a tailor-made job description, an initial target list of companies and requirements profile for approval.

We first review our internal network of candidates, and then actively search for additional candidates deemed suitable for the role.

We are specialized in sourcing and use multiple channels to identify candidates. With the tools we use, we can identify up to 60-80% of potential candidates. We also have access to suitable people who are not on LinkedIn.

2. Candidate sourcing

3. Evaluation of

We use a competency-based approach throughout the process, from the requirements profile to reference taking.

We challenge candidates to always develop their answers regarding formal requirements and personal qualities. If necessary, we can complement the process with tests such as skills and personality tests and follow-up in-depth interviews.

4. Reporting and market information

On a weekly basis, we send you a report that provides full insight into our process. As a client, you can continuously monitor which talent we are approaching, candidates feedback on the role, reasons why candidates do not get into the process, and other market information that may be of value. Getting a good picture of the market together with the selection process gives you the assurance that you have obtained the best possible candidates for the role. We protect the privacy of our candidates and therefore no names are used in our reporting.

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