Recruitment installation

Avancos continuously helps several customers in installation in their CEO appointments and recruits experienced project managers and other operational key personnel.

From CEO to Project Manager

As both the industry and the property segment is growing, it has become increasingly difficult to recruit experienced personnel within the installation sector.

In addition, the requirements are tougher, which means that is has become more difficult to find the right match for many positions.

Avancos has a wide network in several areas of installation expertise. In an industry where the most sought-after candidates often change jobs through their own network, we are well positioned to reach out to these so-called passive candidates. We also have the advantage that the installation segment spans most of our other sectors such as infrastructure, construction, industry and energy. This allows us to help our clients and candidates grow and develop.

Please contact us for a first overview of our process and how we can help you recruit experienced talent. You are welcome to tap into our network to explore whether we have an individual who could fit your business.

Examples of areas where we have placed candidates

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