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International recruitment

With us, you get a local partner with a global network. For over 20 years, Avancos has been actively involved in international recruitment.

We know international recruitment

For over 20 years, Avancos has been actively involved in international recruitment. Together with NPAworldwide’s over 500 recruitment offices, covering six continents, Avancos is well positioned to help you find and qualify candidates in most markets and countries.

International recruitment can be risky, costly and time-consuming. With Avancos, you get a dedicated partner who gets to know your company culture while understanding the complexities of international recruitment. As a customer, you don’t have to search for a new recruitment partner every time and by working with Avancos you can save time and money, while reducing the risks in your recruitment.

Avancos can help with, among other things:

International expansion/establishment.

An Avanco consultant, or qualified NPA consultant familiar with national labor law and culture, interviews candidates on-site while your local contact person familiar with your company’s corporate culture conducts a final interview to further ensure you find the right person for the role.

Recruitment of international talent.

If you want to strengthen your team and look beyond your national borders, Avancos can find, qualify and attract candidates in the majority of the world’s countries. We are also used to assisting with relocation and other related practical issues.


If you have questions about the competence in a specific market, Avancos can assist with reports, competence mapping or other information depending on your needs.

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