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Recruitment energy

Avancos is a leading international executive search company in the energy sector. For over 20 years, Avancos has helped leading organisations such as Vattenfall, Swedish Grid and Siemens Gamesa find experienced expertise.

From land acquisition and permitting to construction and facility management

The energy sector is in an expansive transition phase where a lack of experienced talant is one of the main bottlenecks to growth. Employers who have historically been able to attract talant by advertising or through their network have had to rethink their approach as competition for talant has intensified. Wind power, photovoltaic systems, national/regional/local grids, greentech, industrial ventures, consultancies, contractors, service companies etcetera are all expanding and need experience and talant to develop.  

Avancos is well positioned to help companies identify, attract and qualify experienced talent in the energy sector. We have a long history of working with companies across the industry chain such as grid owners, consultancies, government organisations, contractors, suppliers/turbine manufacturers and others. Knowing the industry gives us, in addition to a strong network, an ability to act as a sounding board for both clients and candidates. 

Feel free to contact us to get a first overview of our process and how we can help you recruit the right talant.  You are welcome to test our network to explore whether we have an individual who can fit your business.

Examples of areas where we have placed candidates

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