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Infrastructure recruitment

Avancos has recruited key people at both specialist and managerial level for some of the worlds largest and most complex infrastructure projects. With multi-billion dollar budgets found in large infrastructure projects, attracting and recruiting the right individuals is critical.

From the Stockholm metro to construction projects in Egypt

The infrastructure sector is expanding rapidly globally. A skills shortage, combined with an ever-increasing need for large infrastructure projects, means that it is becoming increasingly challenging to find the right people to employ.

Avancos has experienced recruitment consultants who specialise in recruitment for the infrastructure sector. Our network and industry knowledge gives us the tools to help clients beyond one-off recruitment processes. We empower contractors to bid on new projects by providing their tender manager with experienced project managers who meet the tender requirements. We help consulting firms that want to strengthen their infrastructure business area with leaders who can bring customer relationships and employees to their new organisation.

By having experience in many different related fields, we increase the pool of candidates in our recruitment processes. The project manager who was previously responsible for the foundations of the large hospital project gives us a new perspective as she now looks out over a remote wind farm in Italy. Our client, initially focused on a small candidate base in the wind energy sector, has a project manager who brings new perspectives on construction law to his colleagues.

Please contact us to get a first overview of our approach and how we can help you recruit experienced professionals.

Examples of areas where we have placed candidates

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