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Outsourced recruitment

For our clients, recruitment is a key factor in achieving their business goals. It takes time and knowledge to build professional processes and systems to identify, attract and qualify candidates.

Recruitment is the key factor

For over twenty years, Avancos has been helping companies in our business segments win the battle for the candidates that can take our clients to the next level.

The logic of outsourcing parts of recruitment is the same as for legal services, accounting or other areas where there are specialised companies that can add value in different ways. Our experienced consultants will start by evaluating your current processes, then build on what works and evaluate together what solutions you think fit your organisation.

This may involve building a functioning recruitment process, implementing a new recruitment system or changing your recruitment strategy to best reach the pool of candidates you are looking for. Our focus is on reaching the “passive” pool of candidates, which means a more proactive methodology that in turn requires a certain type of communication and process to work optimally.

Reasons to outsource all or part of your recruitment process

Save time for HR functions and managers. This is by allowing them to focus on the tasks that are critical to the core business. Improved processes and automated systems reduce the time needed to recruit new staff.

Save money with the right processes and systems that allow you to measure costs (including cost per recruitment). We help you transform inefficient processes and introduce sustainable and cost-effective solutions instead.

Improve your reputation through our processes and systems that aim to provide a good candidate experience at all stages. One of the most cost-effective employer branding investments you can make is to ensure that the individuals who want to join your journey have a good impression of you.

Increase the skills of your team by improving the selection and qualification process in your recruitment process.

Reduce risk and increase flexibility by using our scalable solution.

Assign candidates faster and reduce the chance of late drop-outs by implementing Avancos process.

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