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In-house recruiters

Have you thought about hiring a recruiter or do you want to strengthen your current recruitment team? Contact us to see the benefits of bringing in a recruiter from Avancos.

An effective solution

You get access to an experienced recruiter who is used to recruiting candidates in your industry. You’ll save time and money as our recruitment specialists are efficient, self-driven and experienced in managing recruitment processes independently. Our solution is operational and cost-effective from day one.

It is less risky and more scalable than hiring your own recruiter. The capacity of the individual you hire tends to vary over time. By working with us, you have the opportunity to increase or decrease recruitment resources depending on your organisation’s needs. If you choose to bring in a recruiter from Avancos, we will agree on what outcomes you want in terms of, for example, placements. We review key indicators on a monthly basis to make sure we are on the right track.

We have processes, systems and trained recruiters in your sector who can provide new perspectives. This leads to both short and long term improvements where we work with you to develop your internal working methods.

Avancos has experience in RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). We can assist in all areas of recruitment. We adapt and build our services to your organisation’s specific needs and wishes. Contact us for a free consultation.

Andrew Mcclelland, Senior In-house recruiter

“Working in-house at Statkraft has given me the opportunity to focus on delivery for a client while Statkraft has been able to utilise my international experience in engineering recruitment without a long introduction or training requirement.”

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